Books, books books

Every home should have some books. But before choosing a location for your books you need to decide on the purpose it will serve. Is your objective to create a quiet space where you can actually read you books, in which case you will need a space that is quite and away from distractions, or are your books there as décor?

The size of your library will depend on the space that you have available, a corner with a chair and a bookcase or an entire room given over to books.

A quiet corner

A crucial element of a home library is the lighting and the décor. Natural sunlight in the day and good lighting in the evening. Side lights or overhead lighting with dimmers will allow you to manage the lighting to suit the  moment.

Colour schemes can also play a huge part in a good home library. Traditionally library’s were dark navy,  bottle green, maroon, deep colours that gave a subdued and thoughtful ambience. However if the room, or space is small a lighter colour palette like dove grey, stone white or soft yellow might be a more restful choice.

Furniture and artwork in your library should flow with the rest of your home. The most important thing is that the seating should be comfortable. The books themselves might provide much of the décor but a few framed pictures on your walls could add to your space. These books on a wall are perfect  artwork for a library, the entire book is printed onto a single sheet.  They would work well in children’s bedrooms.

The key aspect of a good home library is great storage. You will need shelves and lots of them, and they need to be aethetically pleasing. And then you need to add books and more books! This is the best bit of  the whole process!