Bentwood furniture

Thonet’s design of the Bentwood chair had an enormous influence of the course of furniture design. Thonet was born in Prussia in 1796,he trained as a cabinet maker, and he developed steam bending of laminate wood. In 1842 he was granted an international patent to protect his methods from imitation. Once softened through immersion in steam or boiling water, the wood could be moulded into almost any shape with the help of a press.

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Arts and Craft


William Morris was one of the most prolific designers of the late 19th century; he took a stand against the low production methods and the decline of craftsmanship and campaigned for the revival of traditional skills to create quality handcrafted objects that were both useful and pleasing to the eye.  With a team of artist friends, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Edward Burne-Jones, Ford Maddox Brown and Philip Webb, who had designed, built and furnished his Red house in Kent, Morris promoted decoration and design using local, natural materials, and traditional crafts.

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Books, books books

Every home should have some books. But before choosing a location for your books you need to decide on the purpose it will serve. Is your objective to create a quiet space where you can actually read you books, in which case you will need a space that is quite and away from distractions, or are your books there as décor?

The size of your library will depend on the space that you have available, a corner with a chair and a bookcase or an entire room given over to books.

A quiet corner

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